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Our Clients & Partners

Our clients include national, regional and local financial institutions, contractors, and private individuals, and our partners serve both residential and commercial industries. Click on the images below to link directly to our partner's website.


Residential Services

Granite Loan Management (GLM) is a national construction lending outsource provider for financial institutions. GLM assists a lender in developing, implementing and managing a construction lending program. A lender’s residential construction portfolio is managed utilizing Granite’s Construction Risk Mitigation System™. The system is comprised of seven key components effectively mitigating a lender’s risk during construction. The system includes the following seven services with standards developed in each area: Project Underwriting, Budget Feasibility, Statutory (Mechanics’ Lien Law) Compliance, Funds Disbursement, Construction Inspections, Portfolio Due Diligence and Risk Reporting.


Commercial Services

Granite Commercial Management (GCM) is a national construction management firm offering numerous risk mitigation products via web-based software.

Along with the seven-component Risk Mitigation System™, GCM also offers numerous Workout Services that include Exit Strategy Consulting, Loan Resolution Recommendation, REO Services such as BPO Reporting, National Title Datedown and Permit Status Search, Property Condition Assessment Reporting, Contractor Replacement and Bid Evaluation; in addition to Forensic Inspections, Cost-to-Complete Inspections, Property Preservation and Monitoring.


National Inspection Services

Granite Construction Inspections (GCI) is the industry leader in providing quality, responsive construction inspections. With an international network of more than 4,000 qualified inspectors that act as the eyes and ears of the residential and commercial construction industry, GCI uses state-of-the-art technology to permit the viewing and submission of detailed reports and photographs online.

Through user-friendly software and web connectivity, organizations and private parties can get the most out of their construction investment.


Capital & Asset Advisor Services

Granite Capital & Asset Advisors, LLC provides financial advisory services to government agencies, financial institutions, and counsel. Our skills and background uniquely qualify us to manage large investigations while charting political minefields when pursuing claims against third parties, such as directors, officers, investors, and large builders.


The National Association of Construction Lenders (NACL)

The National Association of Construction Lenders (NACL) is a nonprofit national Trade Association representing financial service providers in the construction lending industry.